18 October 2008

Joe The Plumber Demonized

Q: What happens when you ask Barack Obama a tough question?

A: The Obama smear machine demonizes you.

Joe the plumber stood in the crowd and when Obama came to him asked a straight question about whether Obama's tax plan would keep him from buying the business where he is employed that currently brings in over $250,000 a year. Obama answered . . . oh, did he ever answer. And the left does not want you to think about that answer. Oh, the smear machine must stop you from thinking about the answer, so they attack the man who asked the question. If you have a strong stomach, head over to The New York Times, The Huffington Post, MSNBC or any other liberal Goebbelian propagandist and you'll find a hit piece on Joe. You'll see things like:
  • Why, his name isn't even Joe . . . that's his middle name (and we all know what Barack Hussein Obama's people think about middle names)
  • He's a single father (but self reliant . . . no wonder they hate him)
  • He owes taxes (even professional tax evader Keith Olbermann attacked him for this)
  • He's not a licensed plumber (this happens to be "say it ain't so" Joe Biden's demonization of choice)
  • He's a conservative (which explains why he asked Obama a question the main stream media would not)
  • McCain should have vetted him (this may be the most idiotic point of all. Now McCain needs to "vet" random people in rope lines before they have the audacity to ask Obama a tough question)
  • $250,000 would make him rich (um, we're talking about the income of a small business that employs people)

And all of these attacks from the Obama machine are intended to distract you from their chosen one's answer. Because unscripted, unprepared and uninhibited, Obama answered with his unadulterated belief. His tax plan is not about helping the economy. His tax plan is not about encouraging small businesses. In his own words, Obama's tax plan is about spreading the wealth . . .

or as Barack Obama said to Joe, "I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody."

Where have we heard this philosophy before?


  1. Anonymous said...

    The left fears "Joe the Plumber" because he is an average man who cut down to size there messiah Obama.