05 April 2009

The Feds Continue Their Rape Of The Public Sector

Orgasmic from their rape of GM and Chrysler, the Obama administration is preparing America for another assault on the public sector. According to the tax-cheating Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner:

"If, in the future, banks need exceptional assistance in order to get through this, then we'll make sure that assistance comes with conditions, not just to protect the taxpayer but to make sure this is the kind of restructuring necessary for them to emerge stronger," he told "Face the Nation" on CBS. "And where that requires a change of management of the board, we'll do that."
Since the Federal Government has screwed up the finances for Social Security, Medicare, the USPS and virtually every other project under their supervision, who better to determine whether or not a change in management is require? And especially interesting is how the administration is justifying their rape of corporations in the public sector. "If they come to us, they're asking for it. Did you see how they were dressed?"
My only hope is that the public will begin to see this power grab for what it is and that corporations will shun the administrations overtures. Their 90% retroactive tax on AIG bonuses that they were already aware of (and figured we'd be none the wiser) should prove that you can't trust the word of our current White House occupants, even if it is written down on a teleprompter.