11 April 2009

The Obama Bow Debate Continues

The debate continues . . . well, not in the mainstream media since they have chosen to ignore it, but among the informed and semi-informed.

  • Why did Obama bow to the Saudi King and kinda bow to the Queen of England?

  • Did he bow at all?

  • How many ridiculous explanations for the alleged bow will the administration float out publicly before David Letterman makes his first joke?

Admittedly, the issue probably would have died a quick death had the Chosen One's (wait, does a Chosen One bow to Muslim kings?) minions responded with the silent treatment rather than ludicrous explanations that even his faithful Obots couldn't buy in good conscience . . . oh, and if he hadn't been an American President who bows to a Saudi king.

But just in case you haven't had the chance to watch the bow seen round the world (meaning you get your news exclusively from MSNBC or Comedy Central):

And just in case you doubt it's a bow, here's another look:

H/T: The Duke


  1. Anonymous said...

    Gentlemen, it wasn't a bow. And the reason it wasn't a bow is, it was a KISS. Look at the clip carefully. Just prior to the alledged bow, Obama grasps the Saudi King's hand. The view is blocked by the gentleman between the action and the camera but it is easy to see what has happened. This muslim president has just bent low and kissed the hand of this yahoo. The spin doctors would rather exercise "plausible deniability" and defend the alledged bow. But a kiss of the hand? That is another matter altogether and much more difficult to spin. Just one man's opinion of what I know I saw.