17 April 2009

Signs Of The Tea Party

The main stream media is doing their best to downplay the enormous national turnout for the Tea Party's across the country this week. And when they're not downplaying it, they're doing their best to portray the participants as right-wing radicals who are pimping for the rich . . . or the Klan or fans of Family Circus or virtually any other fringe group they can pull out of the administration's bogus Homeland Security talking points.

But what struck me about the rallies were how different they were from what we typically see from rallies on the left. And since pictures are worth a thousand words and I type rather slowly, I'll let these do the talking:



Now, I know that some of you will moan that I selected these images specifically to prove a point, but can anyone deny in good conscience the hatred and threats we saw hoisted on placards virtually every time two or more liberals gathered in Bush's name? Besides, I decided not to post any images from some of history's more famous leftest rallies. Well, except this one:


  1. HoosierArmyMom said...

    Thanks for making this "Mr. Obvious" point so succinctly KE. It still makes me crazy that so many Americans are being led by the nose and missing the "obvious". Simply outstanding.

    A Tea Party loving, Right Wing Extremist, American.

  2. Chuck said...

    Great blog, I was sent by Mustang.

    It's easy to cherry pick pictures and show what you want. With that said, it's easy to argue that the right as a general rule holds rallies and the left holds what is more akin to riots.

    Look at the London protests for the G-20. Or the conventions. The right protested. The left was throwing urine on the attendees.

  3. Z said...


    That's what Germany saw in picturest; and the article with it is even more vile...Of course, we notice that, usually, Germany gets OUR news translated into German. And, when you get far leftist American journalists writing anti-Conservative (and anti-American articles quite often) and the German journalist translates it, you see what the Germans get...thereby drawing conclusions. And it's the LEFT which says "It's horrid that EUROPE HATES US!"

    But, I digress...I'm glad I came by and saw this Khaki; excellent point. I love poster phrase about liberty being the best stimulus.

  4. Debbie said...

    It truly saddens me to see how not only the Liberals/Democrats but even some Republicans are making the TEA party participants out to be low-life idiots.

    Debbie Hamilton
    Right Truth

  5. Khaki Elephant said...

    It's tragic but not shocking that the mainstream media tried to focus on the fringe and portray the participants as being radical rednecks (which, apparantly is a pejoritive that is still OK to use). By keeping the focus there they can keep it away from the insane tax and spend policies in Washington today.