29 April 2009

Barack Obama's First 100 Days

If you want an objective view of Obama's first 100 days all you have to do is turn to MSNBC. And then ask his wife how he's doing.

All sarcasm aside (until sometime around paragraph 4), when it comes to assessments of Obama's first hundred days I couldn't wait to read MSNBC's certain to slather piece on the Prez's early report card. And I wasn't disappointed with Chuck Todd's take:

Right now, the needs of the country and the ambitions of the president are combining to create a reality that Obama will go down in history as one spectacular commander in chief.

Of course, one thing that seems to set Obama part from his recent predecessors is his ability to keep an inner calm about tough issues.

True, Todd admits it could be a spectacular success or failure . . . but should he be employing the word "spectacular" after 100 days with its connotations of, well, all things things that are spectacular? Let me just take a moment to explore the spectacular job that the calmly zen-enriched Obama has done.

The Economy: He has already spent 25%-30% of our total national wealth (based on GNP). And he still plans to deliver tax cuts for 95% of Americans when more than 40% of Americans don't pay any taxes -- in Obamath you may call cabbage handouts to that 40% who don't pay taxes "tax cuts," but for the rest of us it's called a massive increase to welfare. I wonder what the welfare-reforming Bill Clinton thinks about that plan?

Domestic Issues: He signed an executive order that he (and the main stream media) claimed lifted the ban on embryonic stem cell research that Bush had in place, which is interesting when you consider that Bush was the first President to actually fund embryonic stem cell research, he just restricted it (which is quite sensible when you consider that embryonic stem cells have produced roughly the same number of cures as embryonic nasal drainage . . . but don't let that get in the way of a left-wing agenda). Obama then "saved" the auto industry by obliterating the line defining the government's role and forcing the president of GM to resign, then taking away all of Chrysler's bargaining power by giving them a 30-day deadline to sell themselves to an Italian company. Oh, and he's also stepped in to have the Feds control the banks, which, given the government's financial integrity is like having Michael Moore oversee the packaging of Nilla Wafers (which truly are "always in season")

Side question: Does signing an executive order to start funding foreign abortions when your country is deep in deficit spending fall under "Domestic Issues" or "Foreign Policy"?

Foreign Policy: As promised, Obama has engaged both our allies and our enemies. He's bowed to the Saudi king while his wife broke all decorum by back-slapping the Queen of England (who didn't rate the now famous Obama bow). He gave embarrassing gifts to allies, sent out White House memos with the wrong leader's name on them, Gave Russia a gift that was translated incorrectly, told the world that America invented the automobile and rescheduled an international meeting so he didn't miss some personal time.

Of course, Obama has reached out to those who despise America. And how has his "we only want you to like us" approach worked thus far? North Korea has launched missile tests and announced that they will pop something nuclear soon. Russia turned some weapons toward Poland. Iran told the world they are in the final stage of becoming a nuclear power (threat). And the Taliban has taken to announcing their attacks.

I could go on, but I'm suddenly too depressed. It may take 100 years to recover from these first 100 days, and there's more of this to come. But I'd love to hear your take and some of the gems that I've lost the will to write about tonight.