20 April 2009

When Naivety Becomes Noxious

Obama's naivety toward foreign policy was kinda cute during the presidential campaign. With big floppy ears flapping he bounced from sofa to sofa just waiting for a tail-wagger scruff from an adoring autocrat. Wasn't he precious? But the cute naive puppy has become the big dawg and his empowering ass-sniffs with murderous dictators is no longer amusing.

Obama's latest lapping of rapid rape hound Hugo Chavez proves just how dangerous the new Prez's foreign policy antics can be. Not only does he allow himself to be photographed accepting the America-bashing book, Open Veins of Latin America (making the book an instant international bestseller), but he also gave the dictator worldwide policy credibility with his doting ear-to-ear grin . . . and that, dear reader, is quite a grin.

As former Reagan diplomat Otto Reich put it in Newsmax:

“I think it’s very unfortunate. I don’t think President Obama really understands, perhaps out of lack of experience in international affairs, the importance of symbolism . . . But in Venezuela Hugo Chavez said last night this is the greatest triumph in Venezuelan diplomacy ever. Because what he is trying to do is to portray this as an endorsement of his policies, which is called 21st century socialism but which is really just retread 20th-century fascism.”
Naivety loses it's cuteness when the yapping bark of ignorance becomes a noxious bite.


  1. Sue said...

    Every president from the past has been pictured shaking hands with dictators, even giving them lavish gifts. You guys are running out of steam and getting really frustrated. :-))

  2. Z said...

    Oh, great post, the naivite is so scary, isn't it? You will love the cartoon I have up tonight at midnight, LA time..

    It is difficult to see a president smiling so gleefully, holding a man's hand in his two hands, accepting books...reaching over to him later for another handshake. And bowing to Arab kings, but we know that he didn't do that, no matter WHAT the video shows, because Robt Gibbs says he didn't.
    It was bad enough when Bush held onto the Arab Prince's hand, but we learned later they were walking on pebbles and the prince was unsteady.
    I have no problem with politely shaking hands if you're in a situation which requires it, that's polite and good manners, but the joy people are commenting on was kind of silly.

    And now we're learning Castro CAN'T be trusted (WHO KNEW?!), that Fidel's saying now that "Obama misunderstood" Got the wrong Castro and made plans...oops.

    And it's US in the crosshairs. oh man.