01 May 2009

Gov. Jennifer Granholm To The Supreme Court?

It appears as though Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm is on Barack Obama's short bus of supreme court justice candidates to succeed the retiring David Souter. Now I understand that he has decided that he will not replace Souter with a white male, but I didn't know that being a business-busting governor was also a resume plus.

Jennifer Granholm decimated the Michigan economy before decimated economies were in style, so why not let her have a go at the Constitution?


  1. Z said...

    I don't know...ya think she's "empathetic and understanding" enough? Those are the new president's criteria.

    Imagine someone saying that 10 years ago and getting away with it?

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    "empathetic and understanding"

    Isn't that insane? Funny that "understanding the laws" and "empathy for the Constitution" aren't important values for their choice.