24 May 2009

One Man's Terrorist Is Another Man's Majority

It's hard to forget the Obama administration's 9-page report identifying the real American Terrorists as, among others, "Military Vets, Americans who are Pro-Life, Conservatives and Tea Party participants" -- bizarrely equating people who've served in the U.S. armed forces, practice free speech and want to stop partial birth abortions with the butchers who beheaded Nick Berg.

But what will this administration do now that the people they identify as radical enemies of the state are in reality plurality? According to last week's Gallop Poll, most Americans now identify themselves as pro-life. Looks like Obama's tagged radical fringe has become the moderate majority. And while the main stream media is covering this latest poll with the same vigor that Perez Hilton would cover a willing coed, the political implications are hard to miss. And no matter where you fall within the abortion debate, the ideological sanctity of life is making a comeback.


  1. sue said...

    KE there is not a soul on earth who is pro-abortion, BUT there are pro-choice people. Now believe it or not there is a difference. You see, pro-choice means the woman can choose to do the right thing and practice birth control or abstinence, IF she becomes pregnant and so chooses to have an abortion then that is upon her to live the rest of her life with the horror. It can not and never will be a group of people telling another group of people what they can do to their own bodies (or their unborn babies). I understand the feeling of wanting to save the unborn, but its just not realistic. Are you so young you don't remember horrible stories of backalley abortion?? Theres no end to this debate, ever.