02 May 2009

Michelle's Ruby Slippers

Like all Americans engaged in volunteer work, Michelle Obama laced up her favorite go to work shoes for a recent volunteer photo op. Unlike most Americans, Michelle Obama's slips on $540 French sneakers when she's gettin' busy for charity. This has me wondering if Chrysler could have been saved by an Obama yard sale.

To be honest I'm not bothered by the first lady's choice in Freedom footware. It's her money, she can spend it as she pleases. The real story here is the hypocricy and double standard practiced by the left. As Michelle Malkin muses:

Obama's supporters at the liberal Huffington Post website devoted an entire slideshow to John McCain's $520 Ferragamo loafers. CNN piled on with a feature on McCain's "well-heeled campaign." The "report" contrasted McCain's Italian footwear with Obama's "average guy" shoes.

Will they show the same indignation toward the first lady?


  1. Chuck said...

    First, don't hold your breath on the HuffPo thing, you need to get some air in some time.

    What this really shows is that these "volunteer" outings are nothing more than photo ops.