15 May 2009

Pelosi Lied And Terrorists Weren't Dry

The Speaker of the House barely flinches when she accuses the CIA, an organization with the primary purpose of protecting Americans, of being a bunch of lying liars. Of course, given all the injections I'm not entirely sure that Nancy Pelosi is physically capable of flinching.

Pelosi's accuasations have put CIA Director Leon Panetta in a bit of a quandary. On the one hand, he was appointed by Obama to the position, despite having intelligence experience on par with the President's executive leadership experience, to make sure there was a democratic lap dog ruining . . . er, running the agency. On the other hand, word is that CIA officials don't trust Panetta so he needs to step up and defend them or lose control. Pannetta's response: a midling letter to his underlings that tries to turn down the conversation to avoid embarrassing certain dishonest congressional folk while at the same time subtly pointing out that, well, Pelosi is lying.

"There is a long tradition in Washington of making political hay out of our business. It predates my service with this great institution, and it will be around long after I'm gone. But the political debates about interrogation reached a new decibel level yesterday when the CIA was accused of misleading Congress . . .

My advice -- indeed, my direction -- to you is straightforward: ignore the noise and stay focused on your mission. We have too much work to do to be distracted from our job of protecting this country. We are an agency of high integrity, professionalism, and dedication. Our task is to tell it like it is-even if that's not what people always want to hear. Keep it up. Our national security depends on it . . ."

Penetta explained, "our contemporaneous records from September 2002 indicate that CIA officers briefed truthfully on the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah, describing 'the enhanced techniques that had been employed.' Ultimately, it is up to Congress to evaluate all the evidence and reach its own conclusions about what happened."

All that's left is the release of those "contemporaneous records." And since the President already violated national security by releasing the initial documents, there should be no argument concerning the release of these supplemental memos. Let's find out who knew what and sort out the liars from those who've had the courage to stand by what they believe was right.


  1. Nikki said...

    LOVE the title of this post, it made me head on over for the read and it was worth it. Nancy will be exposed and I will be using my lighter as if at a rock concert all the way through! Nice job! :)N

  2. Anonymous said...

    Of course she’d be willing to compromise our national security. When she was named Speaker of TH her main goal, and the goal of all the dems that won back the Congress, was to drive our economy in the toilet and blame it on Republicans. Now we are all suffering and the people who are uninformed think it is all Bush’s fault, but Nancy is happy. She’s in charge, she won .... according to her and that’s all she cares about.