14 May 2009

Follow The Bouncing Pelosi

Looks like the Republicans have caught the Democrats in their own tangled web.

When Obama decided to release those top secret documents concerning interrogation of terrorists his intent was as obvious as a Hannah Montana punchline: he ran for president against George Bush and he wanted to keep his bogus train running. Don't ask him why he's doing nothing about the fact that Iran is creeping closer to nukes or that North Korea is missile testing again . . . he wants you to think about George Bush and dampened devils.

But this time it's backfiring. The Republicans are not lying down and taking Obama's radical release of confidential national security memos. They're standing up to say, "You wanna release those, baby? Well, you've already compromised national security so let's release them all." Total, what's the word, transparency.

Nancy Pelosi claimed she knew nothing about waterboarding, then the CIA dropped memos demonstrating that she and other Democratic leaders had been briefed. Now the botoxed one claims that she never actually realised that there was going to be real honest-to-goodness wetting of bad guys.

Really? Let's see how deep the deception goes. As Glenn Beck suggests, let's get the minutes of those briefings and examine every word that was said. The truth is out there, Nancy.

UPDATE: Here's a nice little article in The Washington Times that may help you to follow the Bouncing Pelosi: CURL: The Speaker misspeaks


  1. sue said...

    KE believe it or not, we Dems don't give a hoot about which party said or did what, we just believe the law was broken and our national security was risked by these acts of torture. Prosecute away and make sure it never happens again. There is never a reason on Gods green earth to torture, it does not work, its illegal, unethical, and makes our country look like "the evil one". Not good..

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    Sue, I believe that is the case with you and that stems to a different debate: is Waterboarding terrorists ethical. But what I find interesting about the Pelosi story is how it reveals the politics behind the debate as Dems attempt to defend the indefensible (her obvious lies and bouncing story).

    My favorite Pelosi defense came from Olbermann who I heard say that this happened right after 9/11, which demonstrates 2 things:

    1) Many Americans have returned to a pre-9/11 mindset

    2) If waterboarding had been approved by a Democratic president then Olbermann would have be on board (but unfortunately not "on the board")

  3. Anonymous said...

    Well, everybody's entitled to their opinion. But I couldn't disagree more with Sue.

    If a terrorist hurt someone I loved & cared about - or even an innocent stranger - I would be the first to step on his face. Multiple times. In my high heels.


  4. sue said...

    I really don't believe it would be different if a dem pres was the one who authorized torture KE. But I hope we never get a chance to find out in our future. Thanks for dropping by my place, put a smile on my face today! Aww you're pretty nice even without a teddy bear! :-)