16 May 2009

Notre Dame Honors Wrong Messiah

Notre Dame is honoring "The Messiah," but not the one who raised the dead. Instead they chose to drop an honorary degree on the guy who raised the debt. In fact, if you look closely at "Touchdown Jesus" he now seems to be saying, "WTF?"

I honestly don't think Jesus is miffed because Notre Dame has invited Barack Obama to speak at their commencement ceremony. The University is one of the country's finest institutions and has a long history of prestigious commencement speakers, including several U.S. Presidents. What I expect riled the Lord and Savior is the fact that Notre Dame chose to give an honorary degree to this man who stands against one of the most important and fundamental teachings of the Catholic faith: the sanctity of life validated through their abhorrence of abortion.

Describing Obama as "pro-choice" is like describing Hitler as "pro-cleansing." If ever there were a leader who casts aside the pro-choice mantle to embrace a pro-abortion agenda, it's Barack Hussein Obama. Not only did he sign an executive order to fund foreign abortions while the U.S. economy sinks further into debt, but as an Illinois legislator he argued against medical assistance to infants who survived abortions. The NRLC rates him 0%. It's one thing to be pro-choice, but this guy is a radical abortion supporter.

And this is the man a Catholic institution decides to honor with a degree from their school? Who's next. Will Notre Dame roll a scroll to Noam Chomsky?


  1. Z said...

    I'm SO glad I came over to read this...Khaki, this is the best piece I"ve seen on the issue yet.
    You're right....presidents SPEAK at colleges and U's, it's their job, it's a good thing for the school; I don't love the idea of obama going there (I don't love the idea of him walking across a room, but that's another subject), but it's the HONORARY DEGREE which seems to give him MORE credence, you're right.
    He's supposed to be addressing the issue in the speech at Notre Dame...hmm....applauding FREE SPEECH? I wonder if he might change his vendetta against Rush Limbaugh and other conservatives now based on how 'he feels on free speech'? (ya, right!)

    thanks for coming by!

  2. Chuck said...

    I'm with Z, great post.

    Without offending any Catholics because I do respect the teachings of the church, the US delegation is starting to resemble the Catholic Church of old, compromising their principles for the British Monarchy. We have a lot of American politicians that are strongly pro-abortion, some even in favor of late term abortion, and the church turns a blind eye to them and continues allowing them to take communion and call themselves Catholics.

    Further, it is unfair to look only to the Catholic Church in these issues. The Southern Baptists gave a wink to Bill Clinton, a man who broke virtually all of their tenets.

  3. What Is Cash Gifting said...

    I am pro-life but believe that he had the right to speak at the school.

    There is no different set of rules for the president than there is for the common citizen in this regard. Many people who support abortion have stepped foot on campus and you can be sure that they've had debates in the classroom. It is a college university after all.


  4. Khaki Elephant said...

    Thanks, Z.

    Chuck, I agree though I see a great distinction between how the Southern Baptists treated Clinton, which leads me too . . .

    Ryan, to me this is not an issue of one's stance concerning abortion or the fact that Notre Dame invited the President to speak. Both are understandable in my book. The issue is that the Catholic Church has been the strongest pro-life voice in the country, yet their most visible American institution is honoring a man who's views concerning abortion would be considered radical even by most pro-choice advocates (if they knew his record on the subject).

    Obama recently spoke at Arizona and they didn't toss a degree his way. Why does Notre Dame feel the need to do so? Should we even consider this a Catholic institution anymore?

    P.S., I wonder what Notre Dame's leadership thought of the way Obama's staff covered up Christian imagery when he spoke at Georgetown?

  5. WomanHonorThyself said...

    great post all around but tragic eh!

  6. Z said...

    not blogrolling you yet was an oversight..I'm honored to be on yours, and am finally adding you. Thanks, KE.

  7. H.C. said...

    This post is a bunch of garbage. I'm a devout, practicing Catholic, went to a Catholic school as well and feel that President Obama had every right to speak at N.D. From the start he said that he was for the right of a woman to decide whether she wants an abortion or not. This is PRO-CHOICE, not pro-abortion. Go ahead and say it's all the same, but it isn't.

    This is no different that someone having the right to own a gun and using the gun to kill someone.

    Listen to the speech. Read the speech from N.D. Where is it pro-abortion? No where.

    BTW, when would touchdown Jesus say WTF? By even joking that way is pretty wrong.

  8. Khaki Elephant said...

    WOT, you are so right.

  9. Khaki Elephant said...

    Thank you,Z!

  10. Khaki Elephant said...

    H.C., you are missing the point. I have no problem with Notre Dame inviting Obama . . . however, to honor this guy with a degree when he is undoubtedly the most radical position on abortion ever seen in the Oval Office? It's a travesty.

    Now, I hope you're sitting down because I'm about to tell you something that it seems will shock you more than my Jesus comment. A politician's speeches are not the same as his action. There, I said it. I could have told you what Obama was going to say about abortion before he stepped to the podium and I'll bet you could too. Let me ask, did you believe him when he said he was going to end wiretaps without warrants? How about when he promised to put a stop to earmarks? Did you believe his pledge to end military tribunals on Gitmo detainees? What about his vow to no longer hold them indefinately without trial? Guess what, H.C.? He lied about all that too. He told you what you wanted to hear and you lapped it up, just like his Notre Dame speech.

    What about his actions? He supported partial birth abortion, spoke on the Illinois Congessional floor agains a law allowing doctors to give medical care to infants who survive abortions, and within the first week in office sign an executive order to fund foreign abortions (while our own country is in debt).

    Oh, then there's the time Obama said that his daughters should have the option of abortion because if they were to get pregnant he wouldn't want to "punish" them with a baby.

    These are not typical pro-choice stance. Only a radical few on the abortion fringe see these ACTIONS as acceptable human behavior. Only those who are Pro-abortion!

  11. The Jersey Girl said...

    Amen to this post.. I feel the same way.

  12. Kevin Pal said...

    Khaki seems upset with ND because he knows the Fightin' Irish could lay a whoopin' on RichRod's Wolverines.

  13. H.C. said...

    Khaki, you do raise good points in regards to Obama switching from some of his campaign promises, but do you have to be condescending in your arguements? Your tone is nothing better than Rush Limbaugh's or just about anyone on Fox News.

    In regards to your outright hatred for Obama and the left, why are you upset with him right now? He changed his mind on the military tribunal issue, wiretapping issue and earmarks, at least two of three which should appease the right. Wasn't it the former VP among the most vocal for the first two? When Obama realized his mistake or better understood the counterarguement, why does that upset you? Oh I guess because he is a flip-flopper just like John Kerry or many other liberals, right? It appears that you are just a hater of the left. It happens sometimes (from the right or left) and your point is taken.

    In regards to the articles that you quote or often post, why not post an article from a centrist point of view rather than one from the far right. The articles that you link to or sometimes quote don't provide the full context of what Obama or anyone who you are hating on at the time are trying to convey. By saying or insuating that Obama would leave a live aborted baby to die is crazy. Where is the exact quote of him saying he would do so (not fragments of a quote)?

    I know the extreme left do the same, that's why they don't get my attention either.

    Khaki, you're probably a secret tree-hugger, who drives a Prius and could care less about abortion. Good luck to your blog, but it has simply run its course and is no longer thought provoking. The site is simply hate, just like the majority of the GOP. I left them a few years ago, now I bid farewell to this place too.


  14. Khaki Elephant said...

    Ah, HC, you did not disappoint. Like a good liberal when you're confronted with truth you attempt to invalidate it by calling it "hate."

    Will you acknowledge that Obama's abortion record is radically beyond what most pro-choice people find tolerable. Of course not, it's hate.

    Will you admit that Obama had a childish view on terrorism and people like you shared the same view and voted for him to get that evil Bush out of office? No, just keep talking about the hate.

    Do you still agree with his plan to handle North Korea? Iran? How about his destruction of the auto industry?

    Really the only thing that disappoints me is that you failed to call me a racist homophobe. Then you could fully maintain the indulgent self-denial of the left.

  15. Anonymous said...

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