15 April 2008

Delta & Northwest OK Merger to Form World's Largest Airline

Which can only mean more opportunities for last minute plane repairs, long lines and overbooked flights! And now all this under Altanta's own "Delta" banner!

As a frequent flyer on Northwest (who we NWA hub-dwellers lovingly refer to as "Northworst"), I can't wait to find out where this will take us (which will undoubtedly be different from where it takes our luggage). In fact, I'm flying to LA today and am positively giddy to see the anticipation on my flight attendants' face. Oh, oh, the place we'll go.


  1. Khaki Elephant said...

    I made it safely to LAX and am cuurently sitting in a hotel in Redondo Beach. I just wish I was here for pleasure instead of work. Well, at least my luggage made it with me . . . not that it's an amazing feat since I only had carry-on, but happiness is made of small moments. Thank you, Northwest.