10 April 2008

The NAACP Presents: The Rev. Jeremiah Wright

Just when Barack Obama thought it might be safe to focus on quieting his wife's political banter, his spiritual mentor decides to make another public appearance as the keynote speaker at an NAACP fund raiser. The Reverend Jeremiah Wright will be in Detroit on April 27 to deliver what promises to be another blog-erific take on the American condition. I, for one, can't wait, since there is nothing that cures a spat of political writer's block like Rev. Wright at the podium.

Detroit Branch president, The Rev. Wendell Anthony, explained that the decision to invite Wright is intended to spark discussion.

"Rev. Wright has challenged the nation, challenged our comfort zone and stimulated nation-wide discussions on the issues of how we must move forward together as both a nation and a people. We look forward to his participation here in the city of Detroit."
Oh, I'm sure at least Barack Obama's comfort zone will be challenged in the anticipatory days leading up to the event . . . and perhaps for many days afterward. Jeremiah Wright does not seem the type to set aside his convictions for the expediency of politically correct dialogue. You know, I think I may be beginning to like this guy.


  1. Nikki said...

    Great Post...I believe I have found a gem of a blog...blogerific is such a keeper. I have had political blogger cramp myself. Looking forward to the material. It's like Christmas in blogland!! :)N

  2. Freadom said...

    Yes. When I listen to the commentators on CNN, they claim that Obama has overcome the reverend wright drama, expecially with his great speach and all. However the polls show otherwise.

    I think the man who is supposed to be above politics is starting to look like the liberal he is. He's scarred, battered and beaten and may not recover enough to beat McCain. Well, unless McCain does something stupid like Hillary keeps doing.

  3. Khaki Elephant said...

    My concern about McCain is that he has some troubling connections with "soft money" which is what he has spent a career "fighting" against. That could come back to bite him. But, Lordy, do I think he would be a great president (though I have conservative friends who strongly disagree).

    And you are so right about Wright. The videos of his sermons are too rich to be forgotten.

  4. Khaki Elephant said...

    Thanks, Nikki.

    You know, some nights I just don't have it in me . . .especially after dealing with my three kids. :)