19 April 2008

The Khaki Elephant Endorses Kenneth Cockrel Jr. For Mayor Of Detroit

Oh, wait, is this premature? We still have a mayor there? Well, this is embarrassing.

I guess that I almost missed Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's comment at the "Pancakes and Politics forum" (yes, I know there was a lot of flip-flopping there) that leaving his position now would create chaos for the city of Detroit. Um, as opposed the the sacred stability his misuse of city funds, inappropriate firing of police officers, sex scandal, thug mentality henchmen, racially-charged accusations and verbal assaults has given to the D.

Thank you, Mr. Mayor, for putting the city first.


  1. Freadom said...

    It seems there has been controversy regarding another Mayor of Detroit before in the past 20 years. These aren't the kind of people we elect in Shoreline. What's the problem with Detroit voters?

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    I wish I knew. I liked Dennis Archer and I thought Kwame had potential, but after all he has done I hope Detroiters will finally say "enough."