18 April 2008

Intelligent Design Expelled

I just watched a trailer for the new Ben Stein documentary Expelled at According To Nikki. It takes a little while to get through since Ben talks at about the same pace as Granny runs the 40, but it is worth the time. The documentary is aimed at academia's success in silencing attempts to teach Intelligent Design (formerly known as Creationism) in state-funded classrooms. Apparently, for scientist and professors, dropping a hint that you may think the amoeba needed a nudge to ultimately end up producing Dancing With The Stars will have you packing up your chalk and rulers faster than . . . well, faster than Granny runs the 40. This film should prove interesting for both its content and the contention to follow. Can't wait to see both.

On a somewhat related note, I recently read some interesting posts by Greg Boyd proposing that evolution is the product of both God and the Devil. Sound crazy? Maybe not. Check it out here:

Evolution As Cosmic Warfare


  1. Willie Wonka said...

    Willie Wonka design got expelled? How will the Children learn about candyism in school?


  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    Fear not, candyism is still taught in schools. The Oompa-Loompas played the race card and froze the American judicial system. Other fairy tales which continue to be taught in state-funded classrooms: man-made climate change, animals are people too, the failure of capitalism, scenarios of nuclear winter, and the generation of novel genetic information to produce new evolutionary structures.