07 April 2008

Michigan State Is A Riot

The other Big Ten university in Michigan held a party this weekend that ended with fights, vandalism, arrests and perpetuity in the everlasting world of YouTube. The Detroit News described a scene where:

Partygoers threw beer bottles, women were flashing their breasts to the crowd and some tore down an apartment complex stop sign. Others in the crowd chanted "tear gas us." Police initially used smoke grenades and other devices that make loud noises and emit bright flashes of light to break up the huge crowd. Then they used tear gas.

How refreshing to see that Michigan's uniformed finest were able to fulfill the crowd's lust for tear gas even while under riot duress. And how refreshing to see that, once again, MSU's uninformed finest made so many of us proud . . . proud that we're not Michigan State Alumni.

Sparty On!

WILX Video of Cedar Fest 2008 Michigan State University