05 April 2008

High Tax Protectionism vs. Our "Fabulous Economy"

The economic rhetoric of Obama and Clinton flat out give me the willies. I understand that they will say anything to get elected, from "ducking sniper fire" to directing racial fires, but when it comes to their comments on how to stimulate the slowing economy I'm afraid they actually believe what they're saying. Ending tax cuts? Restricting NAFTA? Delivering protectionist tariffs? In short, bringing the strategies of Herbert Hoover into the twenty-first century . . . and we all know where that took the us.

While we are not on the brink of economic disaster as the DNC wants you to believe, there is no doubt that the difference in profitability between real estate and curbside lemonade stands has been shrinking. But what does that really mean to this country and its inhabitants? Not much in the long run. While cruising the TigerHawk blog I read his entry on John Wixted's piece concerning the country's economy. It mirrors my optimism so here it is for your reading pleasure:

America's Economy is Still Fabulous

In short, we're not on the verge of another great depression . . . well, um, so long as we prevent the Democrat's intended return to Hoover. If that happens, grab the canned goods, secure a cross and find some shelter 'cause all bets are off. Lord, that rhetoric is intoxicating.