24 April 2008

The Vampires Have Bested Blade

The wannabe-undead evil familiars couldn't stop him. A hate-filled army of Vampires couldn't stop him. Not even the fanged lord Count Dracula himself could stop him. No, only the most powerful bloodsucking entity ever to stalk the earth could stop the warrior known only as "Blade." And no garlic, no stake nor even light of day can ward off the bitter bite of the IRS.

Wesley Snipes (aka, Blade) has been sentenced to three years in prison on tax charges. Apparently while wielding his sword in defense of witless mortals he willfully failed to pay $2.7 million in back taxes. The IRS parried his attempts to ignore the law, then lunged to his throat with a three-year conviction for which Blade will serve one year of supervised release.

Blade has been bested. Where shall we now turn?


  1. Nikki said...

    I am surprised he doesn't have enough cash to pay off the debt...scratch that. he is a self-indulgent celebrity. What was I thinking. :)N

  2. DB said...

    Too bad the "example" isn't made to the countless others who have cheated the system. He should get jail time as well as everyone else who does it.

  3. Khaki Elephant said...

    The funny thing is how he "changed his tune." At first he fought this saying that the government had no right to tax him. Then it became that he didn't understand the laws. Given that he's a celebrity, I'm sure the old "I have to go to rehab" excuse isn't far behind.