30 August 2008

The Democrats Respond To The Palin Selection

Are you wondering what the Democrats think of John McCain's selection for the V.P slot on the Republican ticket? Given their immediate and visceral response it's as clear as Bill Clinton's conscience after lying to millions of Americans. The Democrats are terrified!

Here are some lowlights from the left's scared shotgun attacks:

Of course, my favorite is the fact that Obama's first TV ad in response to Sarah Palin's selection doesn't even mention her name but simply refers to her as "this." It's great to know "the party of diversity" continues to show so much class and respect for women. Little wonder Hillary is pissed.


  1. Nikki said...

    Well stated khaki, strange how the sexist fools are coming out of the woodwork...from the left no less. The party of feminism. I am guessing, just throwing it out there, perhaps her being pro-life and giving birth to a down syndrome baby is a prob for these leftist bitches who would have sucked the baby out pronto. sorry to be so graphic but I'm just sayin. :)N

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    Ha! If you weren't garphic you wouldn't be you :-)

    But you're so right. I just love how some folk discount her as a Feminist based on one issue -- she is pro-life.

  3. Anthony Palmer said...

    I can tell you why Obama didn't mention Palin's name in the ad. It's because he doesn't want to increase her name recognition. It's common for politicians to refer to their rivals in the third person using terms like "my opponent" and "the opposition." Also, by not using the person's actual name, it makes it harder for the targets of these attacks to claim outrage. In the case of Obama, when he directly used McCain's name in the context of saying he'd play the race card, he learned from the ensuing outrage that he would have been better off using generic terms like "my opponents" or "the other side" instead of his actual name. Also, not using the actual name allows Obama to recycle the voicing of this ad with a different picture without having to pay money by rerecording it with a new name.

    I don't think Obama was trying to be sexist, though I can see how one would think he was. Looks like we may relive the hypersensitivity debate for a second time. Very interesting times ahead indeed.

  4. DB said...

    Come on Khaki, you are reading way too much into this. You are sounding like a liberal! She simply got the same treatment as any other candidate would. It is to be expected, but I don't think there overtones were she is terrible because she is a woman.

  5. Khaki Elephant said...

    The Democrats, especially Obama's camp, has to be very careful how they treat Palin. Like Republicans being attacked as racists, they are risking the sexist label, especially after the treatment they dropped on Hillary Clinton (who didn't even receive the respect Jesse Jackson earned after his run, despite the millions of votes she collected).

  6. Freadom said...

    I just think the Palin pick was so awesome. As your discussion above shows, it simply has turned this eleciton upside down. By the way, did you see the latest Did you see the latest CNN poll: TIED. That means the PALIN picke worked for McCain.(not that I put much stock in polls by the way).