12 August 2008

Pelosi Protests In Ann Arbor

Republicans don't organize many protests. For one thing, we tend to work during the day. For another, we tend to carry solutions rather than picket signs. But when Nancy Pelosi decided to spend her vacation signing books rather than solving problems, Metro-Detroit Republicans gathered to let her know how they felt.

What a beautiful sight. I wish I could have been there.

For more on the story check out The World According To Me


  1. Nikki said...

    I am starting to like Michigan...ok I already did but you know the Lions have pained me for so long...this is worthy of loving that state! :)N

  2. Daniel Stark said...

    It would really be a testament of the failure of Congress if she were to be defeated. Or if it were even close.

  3. Khaki Elephant said...

    I wonder what the odds are for her defeat? That's an interesting possibilty