06 August 2008

The Khaki Elephant Endorses John McCain

I'm tired of riding the fence! The Khaki Elephant is endorsing Senator John McCain for President of the United States of America.Oh, I know some of my fellow bloggers may think this is a reckless choice. Why, the guy so old that he was fighting for this country while Barack Obama was still peddling his tricycle around picturesque Hawaiian shores. But I have little doubt that this is a man who can and will lead our country back to prosperity while maintaining American integrity. What evidence do I have?

He is a fiscal conservative. Despite the bellyaching I've read across the blogs that McCain is a "liberal" or a "closet Democrat" the fact is that he is conservative where it counts. While the bellyachers praised our current President who had all the spending discipline of Lindsey Lohan at happy hour, McCain simply went to work fighting pork barrel politics as usual. And don't start this nonsense about his votes against tax breaks; those votes were focused on tax breaks that didn't include reduced government spending.

He supports the 2nd amendment. The man wants us to keep our guns.

He argued for the successful surge in Iraq before Bush. Remember how Republicans attacked McCain for his criticism of Rumsfeld's strategy in Iraq and the need for a more aggressive policy with the troops? Gee, looks like Mac was right.

He is an environmentalist. I don't agree with all of his environmental policies or beliefs, but John McCain's desire for a clean America mirrors that of another great Republican, Teddy Roosevelt. And when you think about it, conservation is conservative. (pretty catchy, eh?)

He is not a lousy splitter like Bob Barr. When he lost the nomination to Bush, Mac dropped out an attempted to heal the party.

He is a man of character. A friend tried to provide proof that the media actually supports McCain over Obama by claiming that there have been numerous attacks against Obama's character but only a few against McCain. I explained to him the reason. Only a fool would attack McCain's character. No matter how you go at him, we know how the attack will end: McCain elected to suffer years of torture in a POW camp rather than accept early release. End of story.

He really can reach across the aisle. When did this become a bad thing? When Dubya first ran for the Presidency part of his mantra was an ability to bridge party divides as he did in Texas and heal the antagonistic politics fostered during the Clinton years. Well, he failed and may have made things even more divisive. You may not agree with McCain/Feingold, McCain/Lieberman or McCain/Kennedy, but the man has shown that he can build bridges and get things done.

John McCain's experience with both domestic and foreign policy make him the only viable choice for me in this election. And if you're not sold, keep watching this blog for more evidence . . . and you might want to read some of my previous posts . . . hmm, perhaps I wasn't sitting on the fence after all.


  1. Nikki said...

    Khaki, I had no idea you were so up in the air still! Your post is an excellent review of why John McCain is the man and I hope that other conservatives hop on the same bus or we could be stuck with a complete dorky liberal. Glad to hear you are in the camp and I forgot to comment on the on the picture of the previous post...I had no idea Britney Spears had such large talents. 2 of them to be exact! hehe. :)N

  2. Freadom said...

    Khaki, this is an absolutely impeccable post. I think Nikki should link to it on the top of her blog. Awesome post.

  3. Khaki Elephant said...

    Nikki, well when I said "on the fence" :-). As far as Spears goes, I suspect her talents are not her own.

    Freadom, Thanks for the words!!

  4. Thomas said...

    I recently talked favorably about McCain on my blog. Why is it such a big deal that he is rich? I mean, Obama is closer to McCain than he is to me.

    Also, what happened about bringing change to the politics?