10 August 2008

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick A Semi-Free Man!

The mayor is not in jail. OK, for most major American cities that's a statement so obvious that it isn't worth writing. But, Detroit? Ah, Detroit is special.

Motor City mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was dropped behind bars on Friday night after violating a court order not to leave the mitten state. Apparently the mayor decided that no court was going to stop him from slipping across the Canadian border for some frosty fun. Besides, you can buy Cuban cigars there, eh.
Kilpatrick's latest antics garnered him a night behind bars (and I don't mean in an alley off 8 Mile) and even further restrictions on travel.

[N]ew restrictions imposed by the courts that require him to wear a tether and bar him from having contact with four bodyguards and traveling outside Metro Detroit no doubt will further constrict his ability to lead. He can't attend the Democratic National Convention in Denver this month. He must change members of his Executive Protection Unit and can't spend time with his sister, Ayanna Kilpatrick, and brother-in-law, Daniel Ferguson III, who are witnesses in his new felony case. He will be barred from traveling to New York City this fall as he had promised to meet with the analysts who determine how much interest Detroit has to pay on money it borrows.
Is there anyone out there who still believes that this guy is good for the city? Unfortunately . . .

For those not familiar with the "1968" reference, that was a time when Detroit was torn by the violent throes of race rioting. And by playing the race card over and over during his trials, Kilpatrick is trying to lead us down that path again, all to maintain power he has savagely abused.

It's time, Mayor Kilpatrick.

Pack up your power suits, put away the earrings and stuff those corrupt city contracts where they belong. Resign and leave the city to recover from the scarring that your administration has caused.