22 August 2008

What Does The Democratic Party Think Of Michigan?

It's the question I couldn't shake after waking up at 3:00 am with post-Taco Bell discomfort brewing in my bowels. I rolled out of bed and stumbled toward porcelain considering what the Dems have given us.

  • A Canadian-bred Governor who has fostered a state Economy that is more fragile than a Palestinian peace agreement.
  • A mayor in our largest city who may soon add to the millions he has cost the city by forcing them to pay for 3 squares a day while he is behind bars.
  • A U.S. Senator who scored an "F" with the National Tax Payers Union because of a voting record that would make Mao proud.
  • Another U.S. Senator who scored a 0 rating from the Christian Coalition and the NRA, probably because she didn't have a chance to raise her score, what with the time she spends making sure partial-birth abortions and the rights of illegal aliens are protected.
  • Hell, the Democrats won't even give us a full vote at the Democratic National Convention.

What does the Democratic party think of Michigan? Not much, if they think of us at all.