16 August 2008

I Hope Ted Kennedy Remembers To Thank Teachers For The Free Booze

Teachers are losing their jobs all over the country. Financial assistance for their continued education has been cut nationwide. Classroom supplies and support are in . . . well, short supply. Teacher raises rarely match cost of living increases. In short, while the Federal government is doling out record funding for education, teachers are still getting whacked on their financial knuckles. Where is the leadership of the teachers' union?

Well, it appears that the teachers' union has decided to put its money where it really matters: a huge party where rich democrats can listen to speeches and get tanked on all the free liquor their livers can abide. In fact, last month alone the teachers' union contributed $750,000 for the Democratic National Convention. And who can blame them? How can anyone worry about math instructor salaries when Ted Kennedy needs to get Grey Goosed?


  1. Nikki said...

    This is one issue I think should be non-partisan. I hate to hear people say that if you don't like the salary of a teacher then don't be one. That is exactly what has happened here in Utah and we have a major teacher shortage! They are pulling teachers out of retirement and giving them retirement and regular salaries. Teachers are paid criminally low salaries and kids are bigger brats than ever! Nice going Ted...:)N