05 October 2008

John McCain Ad . . . Featuring: Bill Clinton

It seems Bill Clinton isn't quite on board the Obama train. Little wonder, despite his flaws Clinton was fairly conservative when it came to fiscal policies so he must be cringing at the economic Maoism the new leader of the democratic party wants to install.

Perhaps that's what led Clinton to drop the bomb on Democrats concerning the Fannie & Freddie debacle, finding his way as the featured speaker on this John McCain ad:

Or perhaps Clinton was upset with the fact that Obama scooped up the corrupt CEO of Fannie Mae, Jim Johnson, to lead the way in selecting his vice presidential candidate.

Or just possibly the former president who felt "it's the economy stupid" is more than a little concerned that Obama selected another Fannie Mae criminal to provide economic advice.

Whatever the reason, Bubba doesn't appear to be happy with the economic plans of the Obama Nation.


  1. Rick Frea said...

    Thanks for the videos. I hope they work.

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    The problem is that he doesn't have Obama money to run these ads as they need to be.