09 October 2008

Make Michigan Red

Really, I'm tired of living in a "Blue State," feeling the job loss, tax burden and defeatist atmosphere that only a left led state can provide. We need to make Michigan Red again.

With McCain pulling some of his resources out of Michigan, the rest of us have to step up a keep the mitten a battleground state.

And you can help do that here: Our Country Deserves Better



  1. Anthony Palmer, Ph.D. said...

    Well, you'd be at home in South Carolina. This state is NEVER voting for a Democrat. Obama's running ads here, and so are some of the other Democrats down the ballot, but none of them mention the words "liberal," "Democrat," or even "moderate."

    Better weather than Michigan too.

    The problem with South Carolina (for me, at least) is that it is a strongly socially conservative state. Country club Republicanism like what you'd find in a place like New Jersey or New Hampshire is not what South Carolina is all about. This state is all about God, guns, and gays. They are still debating the Confederate flag in the local newspaper.

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    Sounds like I wouldn't be that comfortable in SC. As you've probably noticed, while I'm conservative on fiscal and federal theory, I am not a social conservative. And as far as the confederate flag debate (which I heard while growing in Florida), while I understand the argument that it is about "heritage" and "state rights," the bottom line is that it is a symbol that also carries the hideous weight of oppression . . . and symbols are powerful. Otherwise one could fly a swastika and claim it was in support of a strong central government and national health care -- tenants of the Nazi party. It's pure stupidity.

    But I will say this, the one thing I love about the south is its candor. You tend to know where people stand. They don't seem hampered by the polite political correctness of Midwesterners and that is somehow refreshing.

    Oh, and I suspect if I were in a red state I wouldn't have my Joe Knollenberg yard sign stolen. :-)

  3. Anthony Palmer, Ph.D. said...

    I agree with you on the candor issue. I'd rather have someone call me a monkey to my face than to have him shake my hand and call me one after I leave. Somehow I think I'd meet a lot more of the second type up North.

    You can tell which areas to avoid here. The most liberal county in SC (Richland) is right next to the most conservative one (Lexington). It's like two totally different countries.