12 October 2008

The Rampant Rage Of Liberalism

We all see stories these days about "anger filled" McCain rallies and "vicious" words from Sarah Palin. The media is doing its best to portray Republicans as one step away from violent green metamorphosis. Don't make us angry; you wouldn't like us when we're angry.

Meanwhile, the left is shown to be peaceful demonstrators just trying to love and have their country Euro-loved, while Obama himself struggles to wage a clean campaign amid broiling anger and racism.

But take a moment. Look deeply. Where is the true mother of intolerance, rage and hatred in this country? See her? There she is, to the left. And on her forehead there is a mark: LIBERALISM.

For activist liberals, politics is not about a differing of opinions. They are right and their opponents are not just wrong, they are wicked! Thus anything they do to win is justified. They loathe Bush. Cheny is Evil. Rumsfeld is a horn-rimmed demon. Rice is butt ugly. McCain is insane and Palin . . . Palin is a functioning waterhead bent on destroying science and sanity. They seethe just thinking about it and it steams through their rhetoric and actions.

Michelle Malkin exposes the rage of the Obama machine in her well-documented post, Crush the Obamedia narrative: Look who’s “gripped by insane rage”

Scary stuff.

UPDATE: Check out this post from M.A. over at Dollar Two Ninety-Eight. The media may try to talk about the "meanness" of Republicans, but you'd never see this type of vile hatred accepted among mainstream Republicans.


  1. Anonymous said...

    The hatred and anger on the left far exceeds the hate and anger on the right. I think at the McCain rallies it is more frustration than hate. But when you see some of the anti war demonstrations and Obama rallies it seems like they truly hate conservatives and just about anybody that they disagree with.

  2. NEO, SOC said...

    Go see An American Carol! Trust me, you see the left as clear as day and get to laugh at the same time. The left only hates because they feel guilty for their irrational behaviour and the conservatives make them finally see their lunacy.

  3. Khaki Elephant said...

    Johnny, I agree on "frustration." And I think it is primarily aimed at the main stream media and it's absolute intent to get Obama elected.

    Neo, just saw it this weekend and even felt compelled to write a review. It is a funny take on the lunacy of the left.