29 November 2008

The Bad Guys Are Still Out There

While we were sitting around lamenting the economy and stuffing down turkey for a couple of days, we received a horrible reminder: the bad guys are still out there. Just because American intelligence agencies have been turning away post 9/11 psycho attacks like nerds on prom night it doesn't mean that the butchers aren't out there and just as deadly.

Terrorist attacks on 10 sites in Mumbai have left at least 195 dead (including 6 Americans) and 300+ injured. 9 terrorists were killed and one was capture and is currently being interrogated . . . and something tells me the Indians will not get jelly-kneed should they need to consider water boarding for answers. Current reports list the terrorists as Pakistani and followers of radical Islam.

This gruesome attack on the people of India should illustrate to dozing Americans that the battle is not over. We are not fighting a war against Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden or even the late-wormbait Saddam Hussein. They are (or were) just players in the war we are fighting against radical Islamic terrorism. Hunting down Bin Laden (who may already be dead) will not end the struggle. There are others, some not even associated with him, who share his hatred for "The Great Satan" and anyone else who stands in the way of their misguided Holy War.

We need to be vigilant. We need to be armed. We need to be victorious.


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