12 November 2008

Katie Couric Is Flippin' Insane

Katie Couric laid some advice on Sarah Palin at Glamour Magazine's 2008 Women of the Year Awards, "I think she should keep her head down, work really hard and learn about governing." Whoa, wait a minute . . . the woman who's viewer ratings regularly hover between record breaking lows and "honey, switch over to channel 13 or we're going to miss the Manimal marathon" is presuming to give advice to a woman who's governing has Alaskans happily forgetting that . . . well, they're Alaskans?

Let me uncork the wine. OK, Palin has an 80% approval rating as governor, forced the oil companies to give each Alaskan resident $1,654 annually, balanced the budget and lowered state taxes -- but according to Couric she needs to "learn about governing."

We already know that Couric is far from an expert in her own field or during her interview with Joe Biden she would have corrected him when he boldly proclaimed that President Franklin Roosevelt "got on the television" to talk about the stock market crash . . . um, Herbert Hoover was President in 1929 and TVs were about as common as iPhones. Ah, but why should Couric know about her teet of television when she implies an encyclopedic knowledge of what it takes to govern? However, given her criticism of Palin's abilities despite scoring the highest gubernatorial approval ratings in the country (and Katie constantly references Bush's approval ratings so she must like thinking about them), I'm left wondering who Couric thinks has worked hard and understands governing.

Perhaps Maryland's Martin O'Malley (D) who's $1.4 billion tax increase will soon bring the state an apparition of the Holy Virgin insisting that they change their name to "Buddahland or Vishnuland or something with less association with the mother of God, thank you very much."

Or maybe Katie admires the really hard work of New Mexico's Bill Richardson (D) who, after Russia's invasion of Georgia said we "could get the Security Council to pass a strong resolution getting the Russians to show some restraint," apparently forgetting from his time as an ambassador to the UN that Russia has a veto power over Security Council resolutions.

No, my money is on Michigan's own Jennifer Granholm (D). Why, Granholm has presided over the worst state economy in the country for the past six years (which oddly earned her a position on Barack Obama's economic advisory board). On top of that, while businesses left Michigan and headed to fiscal friendly Red states like Tennessee, Granholm pushed the envelope by raising personal income tax 17% to really bug-crush any hope of progress. Why, her lack of gubernatorial success is the antithesis to what Sarah Palin has accomplished, so why wouldn't a product of inverse insanity like Katie Couric find her admirably learned?


  1. Nikki said...

    unbelievable. The idiot police really do exist. Katie Couric couldn't be a bigger in the tank liberal and as a journalist how is that intellectually superior? Wouldn't someone who is smart be able to hide ones bias? She is a piece of moonbat work. its my new favorite word to describe liberals who are my new favorite people to make fun of...even more so than before the Obambi Presidency, if it were even possible. :)N

  2. Z said...

    where did you get that picture!?

    Couric's perky...don't you hate perky!? It's even funnier when she tries to look VERY serious and intellectual!
    Sarah is so positive, confident and smart she must drive Couric up a wall. (I like that!)

  3. Anonymous said...

    Please keep your ardor for sarah palin. She is the best hope we Obama supporters have for an easy re-election. I am extremely mad at idiots like Couric who should be building up Palin so we can ensure she is the Republican nominee. What does Katy want- a strong Republican capable of winning? I am changing my registeration before the 2012 primary specifically to vote for sarah. That way Democratic money can go to Senate and House races.

  4. Khaki Elephant said...

    Nikki, "Obambi" I love that. And I'm not so sure Couric is smart, just photogenic and, as Z puts it, "perky"

    Z, The pic was emailed to me a bit ago. I don't know if it's legit, but I knew there'd be a chance to use it, given Couric's idiocy. And I agree that the green-eyed monster has Couric frothing over Palin's appeal.

    Anon, smart call to support Obama anonymously, it'll save you a lot of embarrassment 4 years down the road. Face it, Obama won because he outspent McCain by the bucketload. That won't happen again because Republicans won't trust a democratic promise concerning campaign finance.

    In 4 years Obama will still be supported by yellow-dog democrats and his cult followers, but the indies will swing away from socialism.