25 November 2008

It's Not Too Early

Who gets your early support for 2012?


  1. Nikki said...

    I am gonna have to disagree...I am a Romney girl all the way! These two are great and all but I am not so excited by either of them, but you are right we do need something to look forward to! :)N

  2. Mustang said...

    I think we need to take a close look at Mark Sanford. Tell me what you think.

    Semper Fi

  3. Khaki Elephant said...

    Nikki, you can't go wrong with Romney, who has a special place in the hearts of Michiganders. I do worry that when you examine his record it's arguable that he's less of a conservative than McCain, which could cause some problems with the base. He'd make a great Prez, but you know about me and my Sarah. :-)

    I like what I know about Sanford, but he'd have to spend a lot of captial just to get his name nationally recognized. I'm not familiar with his "presence" (which is obviously a big thing these days). Does he come across well in person and on the screen?

    Anybody else have candidates worth considering?

  4. echotig8 said...

    I "heart" Jindal!!