11 November 2008

Veterans Day 2008

Today is a day to remember those who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep Old Glory flying, to thank those who walk among us having answered the call of duty, and pray for those who still stand in harm's way to defend our liberty from tyranny.

God bless those who have served: The Air Force, The Army, The Navy, The Marines, The Coast Guard. Those veterans who fought for their country and those who were never called to take up arms but stood at the ready.

One of the reasons that I am a Republican is our party's concept of America. While Democrats scrambled after 9/11 to find out what we had done wrong and worry incessantly about what the world thinks of us or how we can become more like Europeans, Republicans see America as that shining light on a hill. We see America as flawed, but great; imperfect, but profound in our message of hope. And while the world criticizes us from beneath our protective umbrella, we stand unique as both voice and fist of freedom.

This is the vision of America that surges through our military. This is the idea that makes those men and women determined for victory yet tempered for justice. This is why they deserve every American's respect, admiration and gratitude.


  1. GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

    America's veterans put their lives on hold, deploy overseas, incinerate our enemies, return home and continue to build this awesome place.

    America and the world can never thank ya'll enough.