13 November 2008

What Do You Get When Democrats Run Things?

A friend of mine sent this to me as an e-mail (thanks, Tim). Listen, I don't know if these facts are 100% true or not, but I'm not going to waste the time bouncing the data against snopes or myth-busting websites because, if it's not 100% legit, it sure as hell could be.

So what do the poorest places in America have in common (besides really bad polo venues)?

  • Detroit , MI (1st on the poverty rate list) hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1961
  • Buffalo , NY (2nd) hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1954
  • Cincinnati , OH (3rd)...hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1984
  • Cleveland , OH (4th)...hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1989
  • Miami , FL (5th) has never had a Republican mayor
  • St. Louis , MO (6th)....hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1949
  • El Paso , TX (7th) has never had a Republican mayor
  • Milwaukee , WI (8th)...hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1908
  • Philadelphia , PA (9th)...hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1952
  • Newark , NJ (10th)...hasn't elected a Republican mayor since 1907.

Yup, there seems to be a trend.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Interesting data. You would never see anything like this in a newspaper.

  2. RightMichigan.com said...

    Worst part is, everyone in those cities KNOWS they continue to elect the same old people. They just plain don't care.

    Don't underestimate the power of class warfare and hatred as drivers.


  3. namaste said...

    khaki, these statistics totally supports my "brace yourself america post..."

    and i agree with nick:

    "don't underestimate the power of class warfare and hatred"

  4. Nikki said...

    Let's not forget Caleeeefornia that is close, no IS bankrupt. Its poser Guv is no conservative. :)N

  5. Khaki Elephant said...

    Christopher, don't you just love the media? I'm feeling the nausea rise.

    Nick, so true . . . and it reveals the reason the Democrats cling to failed fiscal policies -- they need people to stay poor to fuel class warfare.

    Marie, I just read your post. That was powerful! And it also reminded me that I need to add you to my blogroll.

    Nikki, Poor CA, not only does the Gov have a liberal fiscal policy but most of their mayors are left of Brezhnev

  6. Anonymous said...

    What Else Do Democrats Have In Common?

    Try this one. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are only three states whose population is comprised of at least 35% college graduates: Colorado, Connecticut, Washington D.C. (actually a district). Conversely, only three states have a percentage below 20%: Arkansas, Mississippi, W. Virginia. Of the twenty-two states McCain carried in 2008, only four had a percentage of their population with college diplomas over 25%: Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, and Nebraska. You can guess who won the other twenty. If you colored the states with the highest percentage of college graduates currently living there in blue and the low ones in red you’d find a map near identical to the most recent Electoral College map.

    Now I’m not here to argue that democrats win the more educated states, only that if you are looking for data to support your views, there’s always plenty to pull from.