18 November 2008

Where Have All The Homeless Gone?

An amazing thing happens in America every time a Democratic President steps into the oval office: all discord and discontent disappears . . . or at least hourly cable coverage of discord and discontent disappears.

Remember when Bill Clinton was president? Television broadcasts and Hollywood productions simply stopped talking about icky-ugly things like poverty. In fact, if you never walked city streets you might have believed that the homeless had disappeared. Why, when Clinton was president virtually every paper carried stories about the fantastic economy while those same papers peddled doom and gloom during the Bush years, despite the fact that until the recent democrat-guided banking collapse the Bush economy was stronger than Clinton's. Oh, and do you remember how we were regaled with stories of how popular and beloved our slick Willie was . . . um, the same guy who never actually received even 50% of the popular vote in a national election? (But then, perhaps this is all a logical perspective from a group that believes treating "big business" like the Ripper treated White Chapel hookers will produce jobs.)

Well, as Ronald Reagan would say, here we go again. The day after Barack Obama was elected Wall Street suffered a record collapse, but the mainstream media passed of this violent corporate reaction to promised Red Square redistribution as a slump due to the economy Obama inherits. Nice whirl, Dervish. Get ready folks, in four years the Democrats will try to run against Bush again claiming that Comrade Obama's failed policies were the result of problems he inherited from Dubya.

Hours after Obama's election Russia aimed missiles at Poland while Hamas fired rockets into Israel, but the press ignored those violent maneuvers in the wake of Obama's rise and instead sought out Obama support parties around the globe to pretend that the world was a peaceful orgy of celebration.

And soon we'll hear stories of how popular and beloved President Barack Obama. The media will stop covering protests and flag burnings in front of American Embassies abroad (and, yes, I lived in Germany during the Clinton years and can confirm that they were hatin' on old glory back then too). Stories of the bad economy will disappear and we'll all be asking ourselves, "Where have all the homeless gone?"