10 November 2008

Sniveling Cowards Attack Sarah Palin

Trying to redirect criticism of the failed campaign they coordinated, anonymous voices within the McCain . . . make that former McCain campaign staff launched a series of cowardly attacks against Sarah Palin reminiscent of, well, cowardly anonymous attacks from trolls across the blogosphere.

These Benedict A-holes shot gossip to Newsweek and FoxNews claiming that Palin is an ignorant, harsh-tempered, fashion obsessed Diva who answers the door wearing nothing but a towel and a smile. Naturally Palin blasted the rumors. And those who actually know her call the accusations absolutely ludicrous. The Alaskan governor even went so far as to invite journalists to check out her Alaskan home and closet to measure her Diva-osity. No word as to whether she offered to greet them with naught but a towel.

But the question that keeps bothering me is where is John McCain in all of this? Some in his staff are attempting to salvage their careers by throwing Saracuda under the blue wave of Obama's election . . . a vain effort if you ask me since Palin's place in the GOP is secure while they (once we find out who "they" are) will now become caribou in season. That said, isn't it time for John McCain to step forward and defend his Veep choice?

Where are you Senator McCain?

Check out Michelle Malkin's take on this (you won't be sorry): "Cowards: The character assassination of Sarah Palin"


  1. Ducky's here said...

    Dear, dear Sarah sure did make some powerful enemies.

    Damn, she though a spot as VP was like running for city council back in Wasilla.

    If she thinks Africa is a country I'm glad someone didn't ask her about Atlantis. We'll save that for next time she wants to get knocked down.

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    With an 80% approval rating in America's keystone energy state, I'm sure Governor Palin will be fine.

    Besides, the whole Africa thing was a comment made by a bitter McCain staffer that has been refuted by other staffers along with Palin.

    I mean, it's not as though she was caught on camera claiming to have visited all 57 states, saying that Hillary's home state of Arkansas is closer to Kentucky than Illinois (which actually shares a border), or tearily remembering his uncle (who never served in the military) being among the troops who liberated Auschwitz (which was actually liberated by Russians). I mean, how could you top that level of stupidity . . . other than voting for somebody that stupid.

  3. echotig8 said...

    HI there!! Hope you don't mind if I add you to my little blogroll over at Echotig8. ( I kinda like yer blog.)

  4. Anonymous said...

    They are afraid of her for 2012 it's very clear that they want to distroy before then

  5. Ducky's here said...

    Shorter Republican self-diagnosis:

    If we dress up our Prime Directive with better gerunds and CGI so it sounds more "mavericky"--

    -- everything will work out fine.

    The sad part is that it will be "Governor Olympics" Romney and Rudy Ghouliani that get to beat Sarah silly.

    Dems aren't even going to get to go to the dance again.