12 March 2009

Are Textbooks Distorting Christianity?

Is the Pope Catholic? Well, maybe not if you're reading public school textbooks.

According to a report by Lauren Green, public school textbooks are being used as "tools for propaganda." Now, we know that's been the case concerning historical distortions by textbook publishers, but now they're turning their sights on religion -- specifically Christianity and Judiasm. According to the report there are at least 500 errors or distortions in some of the most commonly used textbooks in public schools. What? You want examples?
  • According to one textbook, Jewish folk "claim" that they received the 10 Commandments from their "Hebrew God," while the Holy Book of Islam actually contains "revelations received by Muhammed from God."

  • In another textbook Jesus is identified as a "Palestinian" rather than a Jewish Rabbi.
As with their consistent assault on capitalism and American idealism, public school textbook publishers continue to use a subtle knife to carve away truth.
Check out the full report here:


  1. Z said...

    Isn't this awful?
    The other day, on ABC radio, I heard a new blurb talking about "Easter, the time SOME CHRISTIANS celebrate ..."
    Made me mad, but, on the other hand, maybe if more people DID celebrate the holidays, books like this wouldn't have stood a chance.

    It's Islam that's revering and practicing it's faith/ meanwhile Americans are denying the faith our country's founded on, as if you didn't know.

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    "Some Christians celebrate . . ." um, if you don't buy Easter then by definition you are not a Christian. It's like saying, "puppies, the kind of offspring some dogs give birth to."

    Unbelivable. And it's become such a part of the media's language that most people don't eve realize where they're being led.