03 March 2009

Democrats Say, "Screw The Constitution"

What happens when you give the political party obsessed with acquiring enough power to silence debate total control of Congress and the oval office? They lip lock Lenin and proudly shout: "Screw the Constitution, we're Democrats."

With their new found control of Washington, the left is wasting no time acting like . . . well, like Democrats whenever they have unbridled power (c.f., Detroit). Like French whores armed with bottomless jugs of Chamarré Cabernet, they drunkenly stagger through Constitutional barriers to do whatever they want to do.

As Brooke over at PaleoCon Command Center observed, "Because apparently the left can do whatever the hell they want now that they control Congress and they have anointed the Lawrd Barack Hussein Obama as the godhead of America."

And in their latest maneuver the have taken steps to overrule the Constitution and give a voting congressional seat to the People's Republic of Washington D.C., which at last count wasn't among the 50 known U.S. states that are actually granted voting rights (though perhaps they are one of the 57 States Obama has referred to but yet to identify).
H/T to Brooke for the acutely accurate cartoon as well!


  1. sue said...

    yup, can't wait for all the news reports and trials to start on the Bush administrations screwing of the constitution! Did you not hear? Our country was "communist" under Bushies rule!

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    Could those buffoons be more out of touch with reality? They worry about the rights of butchering terrorist only to trample on the rights of America's most productive citizens. My head is spinning.

    Thanks for stopping by, Sue.
    Hope to see you again. I'll be on my way to your blog.

  3. sue said...

    I don't have a political blog! I'm a stalker and commenter, I'll see ya around!