15 March 2009

Obama Polls Lower Than Bush

You know how the media tries to tell us how popular Bill Clinton was despite the fact that he never receive even 50% of the popular vote? You know how they like to pretend that every sane American supports liberal causes like embryonic stem-cell research and banishing Creationism from scientific dialogue? You know how they tried to persuade us that Joe Biden does not have an ego the size of a stegosaurus while sharing its walnut sized brain?

Well, they're at it again.

Day after day party hacks like George Stephanopoulos and Jon Stewart wallow in the wonder of of the Obots, trying to convince us that the president is more popular than the dessert table at a Baptist potluck. And they are not alone. Check out the magazine racks and newsstands -- you'll see Barack Obama snickering at you from virtually every cover . . well, unless it's Chris Brown instead (which actually makes a sick sort of sense, since Obama is doing to the country what Brown did to Rihanna). But the Chosen One is not as uniquely popular as they would have you believe.

Pollsters at both Schoen and Rasmussen have release the numbers demonstrating that President Obama now polls lower than President Bush did at fifty days into his presidency. That's right, Obama is less popular than the pre-9/11 George Bush.

Now, there could be plenty of reasons for Obama's fall and, in fact, there are. As writer Kevin McCullogh succinctly put it: "in nearly every category of governance he has messed up royally, and is clueless, or wantonly stubborn to do the things that will fix any of the problems." Amen.

Think about it. In just over a month:

  • Obama has spent 25% of our nation's wealth (GNP)
  • He has insulted our closest ally, Britain, on three occasion
  • He chose to give his initial foreign media interviews were enemies rather than allies
  • He gifted the terrorist organization, Hamas, with $90 million
  • He snubbed Brazilian President Luis Ignacio (or "Lula Ignacio," as the official White House release called him).
  • He has apologized to the Taliban butchers
  • Russia has become more aggressive under his leadership
  • North Korea has threatened us
  • The stock market plunges every time he talks about money
  • His cap and trade policy will raise every Americans taxes (hello energy $$$$)
  • His failure to support the Bush tax cuts will also raise every American's taxes
  • Obama is quadrupling deficit spending
  • He is doubling the national debt
  • In fact, he's already spent more than the Iraq and Afghanistan wars combine

The main stream media may not be reporting it, but America are starting to feel it and the polls are starting to show it. There's no other way to put it -- in electing a president, we couldn't have done worse.


  1. sue said...

    aren't you gonna talk about the disgraceful AIG and their filthy dirty hands, always out and open for more money to pad the pockets of their thousand dollar suits? This is what the American people are pissed about, and if we are pissed about our president, who we love, it's because he isn't doing more to stop the insanity!

  2. namaste said...

    i want a do-over! i knew he was an idiot from the start.


  3. Khaki Elephant said...

    I do agree about AIG, but I can't help but think that this administration is feeding the AIG outrage to cover their greater sins. Yes, the millions AIG paid out in bonuses is horrible, but peanust compared to the cabbage this administration is throwing away of sure to fail projects while manipulating the law to grab power.

    I wish, Maria, I wish.

  4. Anonymous said...

    This whole blog and particularly this post amazes me. First of all the reason money is being spent is due to the fact that good ol' G.W. doubled the national debt while in office by invading a country that didn't attack us, loosened banking regulations and let Wall Street and lenders run amok. Because of the war and lowering taxes at a time when we had no money to spare, he spent more than ALL of the previous presidents before him combined, a feat that was only accomplished before him by Rappin' Ronnie. Remember that whole Star Wars thing? How soon some of us forget. The national debt has not been doubled. As far as being tested by Russia and N. Korea, words are garbage until something is done. Let's wait to see if something happens or see if these countries are just running their mouth. Remember Robert Gates was chosen by W. W shot his mouth off and we got attacked. It's amazing how diplomacy is cast aside for bullying. Look how far that got us. When W was in office, the economic mess was attributed to Clinton. Now Obama is in office, the problem is his. That sounds like Dick Cheney logic. If we're acting like Dick Cheney, why don't get just get drunk, shoot our buddy in the face, wait to sober up for numerous hours and then report the incident. Come on people drop the party line BS and look at the issues.