22 March 2009

Gov. Palin Rejects Stimulus Funds

The Governor of Alaska sacrificed some of her popularity in the state to reject some 30% of the stimulus funds offered to Alaska by the federal government, according to the Anchorage Daily News. Sarah Palin decided to accept the money intended for construction projects but reject any funding intended for government operations and the expansion of federal fingers into state business.

Some of the locals are restless over her decision, like acting Anchorage Mayor Matt Claman who charged, "Her rationale is like turning down a gift card because it expires in two years."

But Palin has seen the teeth of the federal beast and knows how they inevitable bite that hand that feeds them. There is no such thing as free "gift card" especially when the congress is handing them out.


  1. friedmsw said...

    Way To Go, Governor Palin!! You are so much smarter than you are given credit for!!

  2. Mike H said...

    From the article:

    "The biggest single chunk of money that Palin is turning down is about $170 million for education, including money that would go for programs to help economically disadvantaged and special needs students."

    "Palin is turning down money for weatherization, energy efficiency grants, immunizations, air quality grants, emergency food assistance, homeless grants, senior meals, child care development grants, nutrition programs, homeless grants, arts, unemployment services, air quality, justice assistance grants and other programs."

    And of course, "Alaska receives more federal dollars per capita than any other state."

    So Palin, who apparently is the new face of the GOP, wants all the federal dollars she can get, as long as they don't go toward helping people. She's a real tribute to conservatism.