14 March 2009

Macho Sauce Update (and a bonus stem cell rant)

The latest Update from a true Bloodbrother, Zo at Macho Sauce Productions.

If you have yet to throw any support his way, don't miss the chance to do it now but checking out this site: Macho Sauce Productions (MSP)

As for Stem Cell research . . . of course, those of you who regularly read The Khaki Elephant know my primary concern with embryonic stem-cell research: when measured with objectivity it is a complete and unnecessary waste of valuable research resources. Not only have adult stem cells produced more effective treatments to date, but the proclaimed object of embryonic stell-cell harvesting (getting to those pesky pluripotent stem cells) has been rendered obsolete by scientific advancements in the manipulation of stem cells. That being the case, there are only three reasons those on the left are still pushing embryonic stem-cell research:

  1. They are ignorant
  2. The republicans are against it so they must support it
  3. They don't care if it's unnecessary, harvesting from embryos for any reason validates that the unborn are not sufficiently human so this research furthers their cause

(Of course, the scientist in the field have a fourth reason -- getting their guilt-repellent greedy hands on millions of dollars in research grants.) For more of my take on the subject, check out: Is Embryonic Stem-cell Research Science Or Social Agenda


  1. WomanHonorThyself said...

    luv this dude!!!!!!!!!

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    Yea, he's great. I'm so glad PJ Media picked him up.

  3. phyl said...

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