09 March 2009

(Former) Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's Text Messages

Part of me feels terrible doing this. It's so voyeuristic. So invasive. So utterly wrong.

But the other part of me wonders what exactly was in those career ending text messages between former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his aides . . . well, truth be told I'm primarily interested in the steamy ones with Scottie Pippen . . . I mean, Christine Beatty.

So, for those of you guided by the haloed angel on your right shoulder, read no further. Click elsewhere and read what Khaki has to say on another topic.

But if the devil's got your ear, check this out.

About 1,000 text messages have been released thus far and, with any luck from the hand of justice, more will be on their way. To wet your apetite, here are a few of the new messages available:

Kilpatrick: "Be at the office in 10 minutes."
Beatty: "I was walking out. Just wait?"
Kilpatrick: "Will arrive in 5m."
Beatty: "I'm in your office."
Kilpatrick: "Are you naked? If so I'm running!"
Beatty: "Yep!"
Kilpatrick: "RUNNING!!!"
Beatty: "LOLOLOL"

Beatty discussing a news article about being pulled over by a police
officer for speeding.
Betty:"The article makes me look like a complete scoundrel. It's on the front page, and it starts off with officer saying he's been treated better by dope men. Then (it) says I leaned out of the car and asked him, 'Do you know who the F I am?' Then, of course, (the story) says I had Brown fired because I (he) discovered an affair."
Kilpatrick: "All is well, sweetie. They are trying to make an Omarosa out of you," a reference to a back-stabbing reality show character. "I have developed an intense dislike for (reporters). Keep doing your thing and keep your head up. You are one of the good guys."

Kilpatrick, upset that chief administration officer Mike Duggan decided to charge his police chief in the case, wrote to chief administration officer Derrik Miller.
Kilpatrick: I don't like Democrats! I'm sorry."
Miller: "They are racist! They are no different. We need a national strategy that includes music, young people and money."
Kilpatrick: "Right."

After firing Detroit Deputy Police Chief Gary Brown, Mayor Kilpatrick's team tried to find a way to get him put in jail. released today.
Derrick Miller: "How are we going to get this guy prosecuted?"
Corporation Counsel Ruth Carter: "Slander, no question!"
Miller: "Would Mike Duggan do it?"
Carter: "Technically, yes, but he may be skittery. He thinks we should play ball with Brown to which I replied NO F----- CHANCE!"
Miller: "What does he mean play ball?"
Carter: "Pay him (Brown)! Again I said NO CHANCE. That would surely look like a cover up."

If you'd like to spend hours looking for gems, here are the text messages released to date:



  1. namaste said...

    good stuff khaki.

    wow! the dark side of human nature revealed. not to mention the stupidity having such blatant evidence recorded and revealed.

  2. DB said...

    I am assuming the reason they released his messages is because he sent them using an official phone, to which he is a dumbass. I hope they can bring [more] charges to Kilpatrick and anyone else conspiring to commit a crime via these texts.

  3. JGillman said...

    DB, your assessment is probably correct. And likely the reason he wont pass GO, and won't collect $100 million dollars from the provider in the recent lawsuit. Personally, I hope the judge laughs in his face.

    Namaste, it truly is the dark side of human nature, when one thinks he is above law and because of connections and payback for corruption (his current job an example) he will always be OK. Stupid? Perhaps ignorant is a better descriptive, but point taken.

  4. Khaki Elephant said...

    Yes, the messages were on city owned devices. And it does reveal the corruption that power can bring.

    But I don't think in Kilpatrick's case it was ignorance. He is an extraordinarily intellegent man who displayed tremendous insight at time.

    But he was the victim of hubris. He thought himself above the law and, worst of all, above the citizens who elected him.

    And thanks for stopping by, JGillamn! (Namaste and DB, I'm always happy when you're around . . . especially if you're nice to me).

  5. DB said...

    I'm your loyal opposition ;-)