27 April 2008

Dave Bing Drives Against The Mayor Of Detroit

Hall of Fame Point Guard, Dave Bing, brings the ball up court. Years after retiring from the Detroit Pistons to lead a successful Michigan business, he looks as graceful as he did during his peak playing days. He moves across halfcourt and eyes the towering form of Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick blocking his path to the basket. He silently mouths his determination.

"[Kilpatrick] has got to do what is best for the city at this point."
With practiced ease Bing passes the dribble between his legs and slides left, surveying the situation.
"He says he's not leaving and he can't be forced out soon."
The legendary Piston guard stutter-steps, fakes to pull up, then drives right.
"Anybody who thinks this is not hurting the city, the region, the state of Michigan has their heads in the sand."
Bing Know his opponent; knows the strength of his defense.

"There are a lot of people who are afraid to speak up, primarily the white business community, because they will be colored a racist because they're coming out against a black man."
But the Hall-of-famer has never backed down, no matter how tough the competition. He has never walked away from a challenge, even when others were ready to give up.
"I don't think race has anything to do with what we're going through."
Dave Bing snaps the ball between his legs again and bursts forward to the basket. He dips his left shoulder and presses in hard, forcing the defender to stumble back as he crosses into the paint.

"It's about right and wrong."

The ball pops off the wood floor and up, up into his hand as Bing jumps forward, left knee up and right leg long, ball held high.

"It's about accountability."
He shifts the ball from right to left hand, fading slightly away from basket as he finger rolls the ball up between Kilpatrick's flailing arms and off the glass.
"It's about leadership."
Swish. Dave Bing Scores!

You can read more about Dave Bing posting up Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick here in The Detroit News.


  1. Freadom said...

    Cool post. Any chance of seeing Bing as mayor soon?