13 January 2009

Aggressive Interrogation Is Just Plain Mean . . . And Perhaps Effective

Crystia Freeland doesn't like waterboarding or any type of aggressive interrogation. I wonder if she thinks it would constitute torture to have captured terrorists listen to sound bites of Obama's anti-terror strategy? Or would they just laugh themselves silly on their way to 72 virgins?

H/T: Queer Conservative


  1. Z said...

    Is it moral to kill someone before they do something? WHY can't they see it's US we're talking about them DOING SOMETHING TOOOO?

    Have our professors made us SO SQUISHY that we can't err on OUR SIDE???? WHEN THE ENEMY DOES NOTHING BUT WANT TO KILL US?

    Great video, Khaki..thanks. I have to go lie down!! GRRRR!!

  2. Chris Wicker said...

    Today the windchill is -10degrees...I'd rather be waterboading in Cuba.

  3. Khaki Elephant said...

    Good ol' Pat had a point that I admit I'd never thought of - we can consider somebody's crimes heinous enough for execution, but not for "aggressive interrogation" (my new favorite term). Doesn't make sense when put in that light.

    Chris, now that's funny.