21 January 2009

Obama's Reverend Problem

We all remember Rev. Jeremiah Wright, the bigoted minister who pastored Barack Obama and his family for 20 some years. I guess we were pretty sure that his O-ness would show the audacity of "nope" and refrain from asking that Chicago icon to say anything during this historic day for fear that Rev. Wrong might use the tax funded inaugural pulpit to drop the ol' "White folk created aids to kill blacks" riff again. But just because he couldn't use his spiritual mentor for the occasion, that didn't mean the new president would be stopped from creating cleric controversy at the inauguration.

Complain if you will about the choice of anti-gay marriage activist Rick Warren's "purpose-driven" opening prayer, when it comes to spiritual space cadets our new commander and chief saved the best for last with Dr. Joseph Lowry's bigot's-bonanza benediction.

When yellow will be mellow? Are you kidding me? Because we all know how crazy those Asians get in their wacky kung fu movies. And when white will embrace right? Well, since whites are the majority in this country and it was their vote that won Barack Obama the presidency . . . maybe he had a point with that one.


  1. Mike said...

    I was appalled by this, but people just laughed and brushed it off. Ha ha, the funny black preacher put a little "smooth talking" into his prayer. We must all laugh and act like it was harmless.

    It's sickening...it's a double-standard....and apparently I have to just put up with it (because I'm one of those evil white men).