24 January 2009

Obama Tells You To Stop Listening To Limbaugh


When questioned by a critic while deliberating the stimulus package, The Messiah and Chief refused to discuss the concern and air differences or even attempt to listen for common ground. Instead he gave this snippy response:

"I won."

Now President Barack H. Obama wants to tell you where you should get your information just in case you are tempted to question his authority like that impertinent critic of his stimulus package. He demands that we heed the command he gave to Republican leaders "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done."


  1. Z said...

    ARE YOU KIDDING? I hadn't heard that..TALK about arrogant. The only GOOD news is that a WH spokesman actually FINALLY confirmed THE ONE had said something like that! Totally amazing.

    What NERVE to suggest our lawmakers are making decisions based on Rush. (I wish they WERE, we'd be a LOT better off....and if they had an ounce of backbone, they'd have SAID SO right then and there, right?)

    "I won"........reminds me of his grinning and waving to his masses before he was sworn in; I've only seen men walk down to that podium with the weight of the occasion on their shoulders, somber and dignified. I don't know why I expected that in this case...Dumb me.

    Great post, Khaki.

  2. Z said...

    By the way, I don't usually do this, but this attitude of Obama's is SO important to know that I'm linking to your blog and that article.
    People need to see this, Khaki..thanks.

  3. Lily said...

    Obama is going to cause more trouble than he bargained for if he keeps this kind of talk up. People at a meeting I went to this morning ( a church meeting) were up in arms about what he said. He is a very dangerous man and he truly scares me. Beware of him and read between the lines.

  4. M.A. said...

    That "poster" is perfect. OBEY We've seen what happens when people don't...King Barack doesn't like it very much.

  5. Ted said...

    WTF, at least El Rushbo is constitutionally qualified to be President!

  6. Anthony Palmer said...

    Wait a minute! After the 2004 election, Bush had that swagger and he said "I earned political capital in this election, and I intend to spend it." And that was after winning 51% of the vote--2% less than Obama, and with a much smaller electoral vote tally.

    Obama's "I won" comment was in response to Republican Congressman Eric Cantor complaining to him about why there weren't more tax cuts or other conservative components in his economic plan. Obama reminded Cantor that because he won the election, he gets to call the shots. That's fair, right? At least the GOP has the President's ear. But in the end, the President is the chief executive, not Boehner, not Cantor, not Pence, and not McConnell.

    That's not arrogance. That's politics.