31 January 2009

This Is Not A Stimulus Package

I repeat: this is not a stimulus package!

Look, the economy has issues now, right? NOW. N-O-W. That being the case, why in the world would the Democrats formulate a "stimulus" package where most of the "stimulus" doesn't happen NOW, but is delayed until 2011-2012, right before the next election cycle? Face it, this is not a stimulus package to help the economy now, it's a Barack Obama reelection spending spree.

And when you start looking at the numbers, Obama's plan is more frightening than a blind date with Lorena Bobbitt. The "wretched excess" of this bill is a debt-raising, employer-crushing, welfare-building spending orgy the likes of which even Washington has not seen before. But just in case you're a hard working American who feels this package isn't going to screw you, your children and you grandchildren quite enough, you may want to try this:


  1. NEO, SOC said...

    Dude, that pic is just wrong.... lol

  2. Anthony Palmer said...


    I want to thank you for introducing me to Day by Day. I've seen that comic strip before, but never knew what it was called. I think I might add a widget for it to my site too. Thanks for "stimulating" my brain. I want to add a Doonesbury one too, but there doesn't appear to be a widget for it.