12 January 2009

The Office Of The President Elect

First he created his own seal. It replaced the flag on his airplane, became a bumper bonanza, and served as a hubristic halo during the campaign.

Now Barack Obama has turned the title of "President Elect" into an effigy of actual office, complete with official looking whistles and bells heedless of the fact that "The Office of the President Elect" doesn't really exist nor does it have any actual authority. Why, even his podium bears the new standard.

No matter what you think of Barack H. Obama there's one thing everybody can agree on: this dude really, really likes himself.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Of course he does, that is the only way to sell yourself. What gets me the most are his youtube weekly speeches. While they are supposed to keep us hoping and updated, they seem still to me like campaign speeches. All this talk from Guantanamo to wireless internet... Not sure it will pan out as successful as if he left it to those who know, like real internet providers

  2. NEO, SOC said...

    I think the one person who definitely doesn't like him is "Mikey" from the "Life Cereal" commercial. This man will be a tyrant.

  3. Nikki said...

    Khaki, right on the money, honey! I am trying really hard to tolerate our new Prez dude and am finding it difficult...not that I think Bush or republicans are so much more astute or anything, but at least I like some of the republican philosophy and admit to my bias. Polling is really out of control as it is being reported at 56% approval right now for the President-elect and he hasn't even done anything significant or official except call his BFF's to be in his cabinet. America is so far gone that they hyper-poll and hyper-focus on individuals who are really average in their accomplishments and then become President. When will the Obasm end? The honeymoon has to be over soon and then perhaps a little humility from the Idol in Chief will surface, until then its little round circles of O everywhere and an egomaniac administrator making some marketing company rich. Oh to be an eloquent minimalist in America. It's my new dream. :)N

  4. Chris Wicker said...

    The hilarity of the symbol revolves around the similarity it has to Hitler's. Hitler, like Obama, had a large head and even larger zelotry...he made his personal symbol the swastika surrounded by white and red and was eventually adopted as the symbol of the nation and the struggle of the Aryan people. It's Obama's personal symbol, has become the symbol of the Democratic party, and looks like the struggle of the African-American slave. The red stripes symbolize crops while the sun rising means overcoming the slave existence. In his book, Dreams of My Father, Obama showed himself by writing recurring rage over some assumed racial insult. He very well could beleive that Black Supremacy will be the result of this little economic blip...scary, scary guy.