25 January 2009

The Church Was Right About Obama

The Catholic Church tried to warn us that Barack Obama wasn't just a "pro-choice" politician, but a radical pro-abortion activist with little regard for the sanctity of life. They told us that his speech in front of Planned Parenthood where he promised to make the "Freedom of Choice Act" a presidential priority (thus granting Federal funding for abortion, waving parental consent for minors and changing the practice for partial-birth abortions) wasn't just a campaign speech but was a core belief. They told us that his active defense of infanticide in the practice of killing babies who survived abortions was a reflection of his world view. The Church raised a red-crossed flag when Obama said that when he supported abortion it was because if his two daughters "make a mistake, I don't want them punished with a baby," that he honestly saw unplanned conception as a simple mistake and a baby as the unacceptable punishment. They warned us.

Only a few days into his presidency Barack Hussein Obama has begun his assault on the sanctity of life. In every poll I've ever seen most Americans agree that women should have the right to choose when it comes to abortions, but when you dig deeper and ask Americans how they feel about paying for other people to have abortions, partial birth abortions or killing abortion-surviving babies they emphatically shout "NO," leaving those sickening positions to the radicals who believe that abortion is more than a right, it is a political statement of power at any cost. And the new President is quickly identifying himself as the most radical baby-life-snuffer ever to wield the executive pen.

On Friday, under the cover of date night, Barack Obama used his newly found presidential power to repealed a ban on federal funding for international groups that promote or perform abortions. Our taxes will now go to work paying for other peoples "mistakes" and "punishments."

But the Chosen One's inkwell indictment of life didn't stop there. Obama has also move to reverse Bush's tight-fisted treatment of embryonic stem cell research. As I pointed out in previous posts, embryonic stem cell research is not science, but a social agenda. It has yet to produce a single cure while adult stem cell research has provided many. Beyond that, the primary reason proponents claim that we need embryonic stem cells has been discredited, as we now know that the much sought pluripotent cells can be harvested elsewhere. Yet still they persist, leading us with only one conclusion, this is not about cures but about a cause. And Barack Obama is now leading that cause.

The cause is not that of pro-choice, but pro-abortion. Not of cures, but of conquest. Not of life, but of power.


  1. Anthony Palmer, Ph.D. said...
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  2. Anthony Palmer, Ph.D. said...

    This executive order keeps flipping depending on the party of the person who wins the presidency. Reagan started the ban. Clinton overturned it. Bush reinstated it. Obama reversed it. No surprise there.

    The "sanctity of life" argument is superseded by the fact that elections have consequences. Liberals have to contend with Justices Roberts and Alito. Now conservatives will have to contend with this ban being overturned. I could care less about the ban either way, but I do hope that Obama pleasantly surprises you in some other ways.

  3. RightMichigan.com said...

    Anthony Palmer couldn't care less whether or not his tax dollars are used to coerce poor women in third world countries into killing their unborn children.

    And suddenly I have a little less hope for us as a people.


  4. Ken said...

    Well stated, my friend. Obama is an enemy to children in wombs everywhere.

  5. NEO, SOC said...

    Instead of President Obama, it should be President Kevorkian!

  6. Anonymous said...

    If only, at least he's nuts, not radical.

  7. Anthony Palmer, Ph.D. said...

    Nick@Right Michigan.com,

    You'll have more success converting people if you don't cast aspersions on their personal values. Good luck with your Republican outreach efforts.