18 January 2009

Democrats Remain All About "The Show"

Have you been watching the media coverage of Barack Obama (the President Elect, in case you'd forgotten) taking the Lincoln trail to his inauguration? Have you heard the stories of people lined up just to catch a glimpse of the Chosen One? In fact, I believe there was a woman just outside of Philly who was healed of her mental illness simply by touching the hem of his garment. Now she's a Republican.

And we haven't even made it to the ceremony yet. By all accounts this is to be the most expensive inauguration in American history, with most estimates topping the $150 million mark. I guess this is part of his economic stimulus package. And with Beyonce, Springsteen, Denzel and the rest of the star-studded party, let's just hope some of the benefits trickle down to us.

But I just can't help but think back to when the last Democrat was elected president and we had Fleetwood Mac and Maya Angelou plucking our heartstrings. Forget that this guy would eventually dismantle our intelligence agencies and sell confidential info to the Chinese, he was a Democrat and that meant it was time to party and time for the media to capture every booty wiggle. Why, if you'd only watched TV you'd have thought that Bill Clinton had brought the entire country together with his message of change and a new day . . . you see, the mainstream media forgot to mention that "the man from Hope" never in his life sniffed so much as 50% of the national popular vote.

So here we stand today on the brink of a new show as the left-leaning media celebrates the hope brought by a man who is attractive, though he only showed his pretty face on the U.S. Senate floor for around 140 days. The Democrats are prepped to rejoice for a guy they admire for his language skills, though he seemed to lose his ability to articulate when he voted "present" 130 while serving in Illinois. The mindless followers of the empty suite from . . . well, can we really be sure where he's from since he bizarrely had his birth records sealed? Anyway, the mindless followers are set to carouse for a man who failed to demonstrate any leadership in his previous elected positions but sure showed us that he never failed when it came to picking twisted friends. (Which reminds me, I wonder if Rev. Wright, Rashid Khalidi, William Ayers, Khalid al-Mansour, Tony Rezko, his buddies in the Fannie and Freddie banking scandal or any of Obama's other troubling chums will be at the festivities in person or just in spirit?)

Ah, but none of this matters. Let's face it, we all know what really matters to them. Ask an Obama supporter about their man's stimulus package, his national security measures or the specifics of his education reform and you'll be greeted by a blank stare . . . and perhaps that famous Obamanite stutter. But ask them about the inauguration party and the stare and stutter are quickly replaced with glazing and a guest list. It's all about the show.


  1. Nikki said...

    I am right here with you. At first I was trying not to bitch and moan about all the crap as to not be like the psycho dems, but now I am fully loaded and gagging on my own saliva. its really all so nauseating. :)N

  2. namaste said...

    great post khaki.

  3. Z said...

    And it's just getting WORSE, Khaki!

    Shoprat's been threatened at his site by some dope saying "Get that OBAMA NO HOPE poster down off your site!" Imagine!? It's probably just a dope troll, but......

    This Lincoln tie-in is so hubristic I can't even wrap my brain around it.

    OH, for a Black president, or ANY president again, of dignity and honor and humility...it'll happen. Some day. I hope.

  4. Khaki Elephant said...

    Isn't the media orgy great, Nikki. I try to cut some slack given that this is an historic event, but then I think of Clinton's first election and the dry heaves start all over again.

  5. Khaki Elephant said...

    Thanks, Maria. Love the new pic. OK, here's a weird ramble . . . I lived in Germany for a while and it always killed me that their word for "butterfly" is "schmetterling." How they could call something so soft and beautiful by such a harsh and ugly name, it made me laugh . . . see, I warned you that it was a ramble.

    Z, the thing with Shoprat is sick but not shocking. His followers get more militant-nazi by the day. But the story did inspire me to add an Obama-Obey pic.

  6. Anonymous said...

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