10 January 2009

Hellmouth CD Is Out

The Hellmouth CD "Destroy Everything. Worship Nothing" has been released from wherever they had it bound and chained.

Now normally I don't shill products on this site, but the lead guitarist for this band is a friend of mine so I'm more than willing to try and help put some cabbage in his wallet (even though his political sensibilities take him toward Democratic collectivism rather than my beloved Republican attitude of 2nd amendment style self-reliance -- trust me, he's a great guy).

So if you like heavy, agressive, anti-everything shreds, click HERE to pick up the music and merchandise.

And if you don't like it, well, click HERE anyway and buy it for somebody else (a metal lover, somebody you want to drive nuts, a pastor who needs a sermon illustration on sin . . . )

Good luck with the new release, Alex.


  1. Unknown said...

    Israel is occupying Palestinian lands, and instead of conforming to the security council's resolution and retreat from Palestinian occupied lands, it brings settlers, women and children, and build settlements on the occupied lands to impose new reality defying the international law. Hamas is rocketing Israelis occupying the occupied lands, which is a legitimate resistance according to the international law. Israel, instead of stopping building settlements in occupied lands, and retreating from the occupied lands, they make a massacre to erase Gaza from the map. After all this, Hamas is considered terrorists! and Israel is defending itself. Hamas is hiding among civilians and Israel is protecting its citizens! What kind of logic is this? Hamas is not hiding among anybody, hamas are the natives, they belong to Gaza, its their land, they are the dwellers, the owners, if they leave Gaza, where do they go? well I know if settlers leave Gaza where will they go, they will be conforming to UN resolution. So who is hiding among civilians here? who is occupying the other? is it Palestinians who are occupying Israel or Israel is occupying Palestine? Is there any justice in this world?
    Levni says “we don’t have any problems with Palestinians our problem is with hamas”, in other words, “we want to occupy Palestinian lands and siege Palestinians, if they accept then we don’t have any problem with them, we only have problems with those who refuse to be occupied or to be in siege”
    I hope you are enjoying the inevitable bloodshed of children.
    If this coward operation weakens hamas it is going to weaken them in favour of al-qaeda.
    Let me explain more, among the alleged “terrorist” groups, Hamas and Hizbollah are considered moderate, or even retreating, because they are concerned with national liberation, that is: liberating only my country from the occupier. As Nassrallah said: freeing Palestine is the Palestinian business, we support them with moral solidarity, but we are Lebanese, freeing Lebanese territories is our only business.
    That is what is called national liberation movement.
    While al-qaeda members believe in international liberation, that is to say: we are not going to be able to free our territories unless we destroy the imperialist system. We belong to the world and we have to liberate the world from such a system. (you know they are closer to Bush’s pattern of thinking – democratizing the world or freeing the world)
    So when Israel commits such a massacre for babies and children and women, and the “civilized” world find excuses for Israel, and blame the victim instead of blaming the aggressor, the new generation will grow to believe that it is really not a problem of Israeli occupation, it is a problem of international imperialist system which backs Israel. By now, I know some youth who started to say: it seems that bin Laden was right, our battle is not on our lands, we are not allowed to free our lands because of the accomplice of the world.
    Again, when people are occupied what usually they do? What did French do when they were occupied by the Nazi? What did George Washington do when he was leading the independence war? What did Churchill do when he was facing Germany? What usually people do to liberate their occupied lands?

    look at the Israeli mercy
    I don’t think you work hard to spend your taxes on this

  2. Khaki Elephant said...

    The French, Washington and Churchill did not target schools, pizza parlors and buses to wage their wars. And when innocent civilians died it was because of accidental collateral damage, not a specified strategy of terror.

    Now, back to Hellmouth.

  3. Mike said...

    (whatever the person's name reads - I have to admit I'm curious) says: "they are concerned with national liberation, that is: liberating only my country from the occupier"

    They are concerned with eliminating the Jewish people. Period. It doesn't matter where the Jews reside, Muslims are taught to HATE them (and many are taught to want to kill them).

    So, let's just assume that Israelis are "occupying" Palestinian land, as you say. How can you justify Hamas shooting rockets from residential areas, schoolhouses, etc.? They either thought there would be no response because of their location, or they KNEW there would be return fire and knew it would help with propoganda.

    Either way, Hamas USED innocent Palestinians and got them killed. But, it's all to fight the "occupiers", right?

  4. Mike said...

    Sorry Khaki,

    I initially wanted to write about how it's great that you are willing to help out a friend, even though you don't see eye-to-eye. I have many liberal friends who I would do just about anything for. These are the types of relationships that we need in our country. We all want the same result, we just have different opinions about how to achieve that result.

    I was side-tracked by the ridiculous first post and was compelled to respond. By the way, I Googled part of their diatribe and found the exact same post on a couple other blogs. Lack of creativity, I guess.

    I'll look up Hellmouth and check them out.

  5. Anonymous said...

    Don't know about the first comment, but I heard Hellmouth stuff on Amazon. They're pretty good.

  6. Khaki Elephant said...

    Hey, no prob M.A.
    The bottom line is that if Hamas stopped firing rockets into Isreal than they wouldn't be getting their ass kicked now.

    And speaking of kick ass, how about the Hellmouth?!